A Holistic Educational Solutions Provider

As the leading national and regional provider of K–12 educational solutions, Marshall Cavendish Education integrates its distinctive research-driven approach into its curriculum and professional development, while leveraging technology to facilitate effective teaching and active learning in the classroom and beyond. With over 60 years of expertise in the industry, we have been consistently providing a comprehensive range of quality academic enrichment publications, boosting multilingual content to more than 60 countries. Our highly regarded brand has gained recognition worldwide for our outstanding work in ensuring educational excellence.

With a global network of offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Chile and the United States, Marshall Cavendish Education has to stay abreast of the changes in education globally.

That’s why, we initiated , a platform to connect with educators around the world and encourage the exchange of ideas and perspectives. Be a part of our community to gain valuable insights, discover new teaching strategies and reinvent your students’ learning.

Our holistic educational solutions include: